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Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoons, knives, plates, forks and jewelry

Browse our collection of beautifully handcrafted mother of pearl and silver dining ware.  In addition to our catalog items, we offer custom made-to-order products.  If your interested in custom work, please fill out our online Quote Form.   Ask about special pricing for large orders especially on our most popular caviar spoon the  S240-OMINI 3" oval mother of pearl caviar spoon. offers 35-50% discount on most items for wholesale customers [contact us] for a wholesale price list and wholesale ordering information. We use PayPal for order processing; If you would like to place an order using COD, Cashiers Check, or Money Order, please email your order to  
Note: Maximum order amount for COD is $1,000.00
  View our two, three, and four pronged mother of pearl forks, great for olives.  Our mother of pearl and sterling handled caviar spoons are ideal for serving caviar.  
mother of pearl caviar spoon and serving plate
Silver sturgeon plate with silver tipped caviar spoon
  mother of pearl caviar spoons plates forks and custom jewelry
mother of pearl spoon with engraved silver handle from
Mother of pearl serving spoon with engraved silver handle 
  Mother of Pearl
By removing the outer layer of certain shells an iridescent shimmering lining is revealed known as the Mother of Pearl (so named as it is used to seed cultured pearl). This spectacular lining together with its ability to be easily carved makes mother of pearl popular in the making of jewelry, ornaments and inlays [definition].
Mother-of-pearl is ideal for serving caviar because, unlike sterling or stainless, it does not affect the caviar's fragile flavor.
Mother of pearl caviar spoons, knives, forks, plates, and picture frames make great gifts for all occasions.  Custom mother of pearl items can be made for special occasions such as weddings or bridal showers.  Mother of pearl spoons make great gifts, receive a 10% discount on all retail orders over $200.00 where payment is made using USPS COD, mention the discount in your order. *Note: COD orders can not exceed $1,000.00.  Contact for high resolution photographs and pricing for our natural pearl, mother of pearl and ebony hardwood rosaries.
tiger puka shell necklace clam shell necklace white puka shell necklace now offers custom hand crafted jewelry.
Choose from our collection of class A genuine puka shell or clam shell necklaces or our
Natural Pearl Rosaries 
Tiger Puka Shell Necklace Clam Shell Necklace White Puka Shell Necklace
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Jordanas -  Importers of the world's finest mother of pearl caviar spoons, forks,
knives, plates, and custom jewelry. 
Ask about special pricing for orders over $500.